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Outsourcing your PPC campaigns is an excellent way to achieve your marketing goals faster and with less hassle.

At 1k marketing, we're highly experienced at planning and implementing results-driven paid search campaigns. We use broad data insights to build ad campaigns that accurately target potential customers who meet specific criteria and demographics that align with your products and services.

With our PPC advertising services, you can get more value from your investment and watch your sales climb to new heights.

Our affordable pricing structure makes it easy for small to medium-sized businesses to take advantage of the many opportunities that PPC ads offer.

Our Google or Bing Ad service fee costs: $1,000 a month (for one of two ad services) + a $1,000 management fee a month. Totaling $2,000 a month plus your flexible ad budget (which is payable to Google/Bing).

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What is PPC?

Pay-per-click (PPC) is a common marketing method where advertisers are charged a fee by search engines each time one of their ads is clicked. Google Ads is the most well-known marketplace for marketers to bid on keywords.

Adverts appear at the top of search engine results pages (SERPs) that match those keywords or queries. PPC is also conducted through other search engines and social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram.

PPC ads come in different forms, for example:

  • Search Ads are the most common pay-per-click adverts. Following a specific query search, you'll see these text-based adverts at the top of SERPs.

  • Display ads are more graphical and include interactive elements, movies, and photos. Platforms typically charge fees based on how many times the advertisement has been shown.

  • Video ads showcase products, services, or brands and mostly appear on social media platforms and streaming services, like YouTube.

The sophisticated algorithms of search engines determine when, where, and who sees your advert. That's why we pay close attention to every little detail about your customers, such as demographics, interests, and locations.

Is PPC Right For You?

Using Google Ads (formally known as Google AdWords) and Bing Ads (Microsoft Ads) is more rewarding for specific industries than others.

Are you striving for long-term clients that provide consistent revenue? Then, paid search marketing will give you more value for your investment. For example, dentists, doctors, and utility providers can attract lifetime clients, so you'll receive a significant return on investment in the long run.

Do you offer high-value single-purchase products or services? For example, repair services, lawyers, car dealerships, and home appliance vendors can benefit hugely from targeted paid ads.

Do you sell a wide range of products? Multiple PPC campaigns can drive your sales higher. Even lower-cost items can succeed with PPC by using long-tail keywords that have less competition and cost less per click.

The Cost Per Click in New York is 23% cheaper than the US average.

So why not reach out to 1k marketing experts to learn more about our PPC services? 1k marketing is the go-to PPC agency offering hassle-free conversion-driven PPC campaigns.

Is PPC The Same AS SEO?

PPC and SEO have a lot in common; both require an investment of capital and utilize search engines to gain more attention and increase sales.

SEO focuses on increasing organic traffic to your website and maintaining your online presence with the help of both on- and off-page strategies. Consider SEO as a general, long-term strategy that casts a wide net in an effort to attract attention and keep a high ranking in SERPs. Unfortunately, SEO takes time, money, and effort to see significant returns.

However, pay-per-click marketing is far more precise in targeting specific audiences using paid advertising within search engines.

Google states that for $1 a company spends on Google Ads, they make $8 profit in return. Therefore, you'll likely get a higher return on investment with PPC than regular SEO.

PPC results are faster, and you have more flexibility in determining who views your ad and visits your website. If you're offering customers short-term deals and discounts, PPC is an excellent choice.

How 1k marketing Can Help You Rise Above Your Competitors

We understand how overwhelming digital marketing is for most small to medium-sized businesses. But for every challenge, we have a solution.

You may experience increased competition as more businesses enter the online marketplace. But 1k marketing has you covered; our team sticks to PPC best practices and finds new tactics so your ads stay effective.

You may also face fluctuating costs when it comes to paid advertising on different platforms and changes in consumer habits that make it hard to judge the effectiveness of your ad. Our answer: in-depth analytical insights that give real-time data on your ad's performance. Plus, our analysis will show which keywords are more cost-effective.

Many companies still go unnoticed despite an abundance of marketing tools and platforms. This is mainly due to the top 3 commercial ad spots taking 41% of all clicks.

Therefore, you need the right tactics to climb to the top and claim a significant portion of your target audience - even in a saturated marketplace.

If you're striving to increase sales opportunities and achieve a fast return on investment, we have the right solutions for you. So start reaping the rewards by contacting us today to discover what 1k marketing can do for you!

PPC Has An Outstanding Range Of Benefits

Easy To Get Started & Maintain

PPC requires less maintenance and attention than SEO. Once your parameters are set, and your PPC is live, most of the hard work is done. However, our PPC experts continuously monitor your campaigns and collaborate on ways to improve your ad copy to reach the right consumers.

Rapid Results

Unlike SEO, PPC advertising can increase traffic to your website almost immediately. Search engines and platforms quickly approve ads so your products and services can appear instantly in front of your target audience.

Accurately Target The Right Consumers

PPC gives you more flexibility to reach specific consumers based on demographics, interests, and locations. You can sell your products and services to users with a search intent that matches your chosen keywords more effectively.

Greater Visibility

Not only will PPC boost your online visibility, but it will positively affect brand awareness. When exposed to your PPC advert multiple times, users are likely to remember you, even if they choose not to click on your advert.

Boost Website Traffic

PPC is a quick approach to boosting website traffic. You'll soon draw in more customers who are already interested in what you have to offer once your ad is online.

Analytical Insights

We provide detailed analytical insights once your campaign is up and running. Data insights, such as those from Google Analytics, make it easier to track your campaigns in real-time and find ways to improve your ad.

Our Step-by-step Approach To Help You Succeed.

  1. Decide Your Target Audience

With today's sophisticated PPC tools, you can home in on specific demographics of consumers you want to bring to your website. Besides search terms, other details, such as people's location, age, and general interests determine who gets to see your advert.

  1. Define Your Goals & Set PPC Budget

Are you looking to increase website visits, boost online sales, and generate new leads? Our PPC specialists will help define your goals and discuss a sufficient budget.

  1. Keyword Research

We have the tools to research what queries, phrases, or keywords your customers typically use. We'll analyze and determine the best way to insert high-performing keywords into your ad copy that will likely generate the most interest.

  1. Create Engaging Ad Copy

We'll write catchy, attention-grabbing content that will attract users to click your ad and find their way to your website. We can also create landing pages to convert prospects into paying customers using compelling headlines and engaging calls-to-action (CTAs).

  1. Decide Which Platform To Use

We have experience with most platforms, particularly Google Ads and Microsoft Ads (Bing Ads). We can create a plan to reach your desired consumer base across multiple different search engines.

  1. Optimize and Manage Your PPC Campaign

Once your PPC advert is up and running, your dedicated account manager will perform regular PPC audits to ensure your ad performs optimally. Then, we'll make adjustments to improve your ad while aligning with your goals.

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